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When I get the chance - I like to create useful lists of records as well as indexing certain records to allow greater access to the contents for folks who are too far away from PROV to check them out themselves. Although you won't find transcriptions of the full records below, you will be able to confirm if a name appears in the full record - and that is half the work done!

Beechworth Asylum Staff Index 1867-1920

This register provides information on staff employed at the Beechworth Asylum from 1867, when the facility open and 1920. A short summary of employment is provided and includes information on the following types of employees - Attendants, Warders, Nurses, Blacksmiths, Carters and Laundresses, Mechanics, Psychiatrists, Fireman, Medical Officer, and Mental Health Aide.

Cessations of employment are recorded as either discharged, dismissed, retired, deceased, or transferred, and further related details are recorded.

“Country Boys" Register

This register was created to record the details of boys from the city who were sent to work in the country, usually on farms. The record covers the period from December 1894 to April 1896.


Northcote Inebriate Asylum Patient Index 1890-1892

The Northcote Inebriate Asylum was located where the present Northcote High School is situated. If you find a name in this small index, contact me for a digitised copy of the full entry.

Lara Inebriate Retreat Patient Index 1907-1919

The Lara Inebriate Retreat was located on the Lara Estate, 70km West of Melbourne towards Geelong. The main building was originally a mansion set on 640 acres.


These establishments were defined as an “institution which held a licence granted by the Chief Secretary to house one or more insane persons”. They were, in most cases, private residences converted for use as mental homes. 

Patient Register – Landcox, Glen Holme and Belmont Licensed Houses 1906-1936

Landcox Licensed House was situated in Milroy Street North Brighton. Its licence was first issued in 1906. In 1910 its licence was transferred to Glen Holme, Bambra Road, Caulfield. In November of 1922 the license was transferred again to Belmont Licensed House - situated in Studley Park Road, Kew. 

Patient Register - Cloverdale Licensed House 1906-1911

Cloverdale Licensed House was located in Bruce Road, Toorak 

Patient Register - The Tofts Licensed House 1910-1923

'The Tofts' Licensed House was located in Davey Street, Frankston.

Patient Register - Mt Ida Licensed House 1906-1927 

Mt. Ida Licensed House was situated on the corner of Tooronga and St. Helen's Road, East Hawthorn


Sandhurst/Bendigo Prison - Warders Offence Book 1861-1899

Index to Employees of the Ports and Harbours Branch 1892-1921


VPRS 460 – Applications for Certificates of Title

This series consists of the files created to record the progress of applications to bring land alienated from the Crown prior to 2 October 1862 into the Torrens system of land registration. The records in this series can be used to trace the ownership of a particular allotment AFTER the Crown Grant was approved, providing details of occupancy/ownership beyond what is shown on a parish map. And now with the new title records available at PROV - these records can reveal ownership up until the late 20th century.

This tip sheet tells you how to find the application numbers online. 

How to locate and download Parish and Township Maps 

This tip sheet will show you how to download parish maps from the PROV website - these maps are essential to land research.

How to find out a schools name or number 

This tip sheet will show you how to use the PROV catalogue to find a schools number when you only have the name, or vice versa.


How to search the Victorian Government Gazette on Austlii

This tip sheet will show you how to use the Austlii website to conduct an in depth search of the Victorian Government Gazette


VPRS 1078 ‐  List of Petitions and Addresses to the Governor

List of Victorian Schools with additional records at PROV

List of Victorian Courts with records at PROV

List of Victorian Municipalities with records at PROV   

Triennial List of Railway Employees 1884 - 1918 (90MB)

List of municipal contract registers

List of drawings and plans in Henry Ginn's 'Book of Plans'

Index to Files of Applicants for the Unemployment Land Settlement Scheme 1930-1932